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Not Receiving Daily Law Messages?

(8th January 2022, Saturday)
(For everyone connected on WritingLaw’s WhatsApp)

In August 2021, we planned to stop the free daily law WhatsApp messages that let you read one law content daily. The main reason for this was the lack of financial benefit from these free messages.

Gradually by November 2021, we completely stopped the daily free law messages and asked all our WhatsApp subscribers to:

Many people did one of the above two things.

If you aren’t receiving daily law messages, the main reason is you are not a paying subscriber.

So, please do not message WritingLaw on WhatsApp asking this. The reason is already mentioned above. You can subscribe to daily law WhatsApp messages here.

If you have questions related to buying the subscription:

  • Please read the details on the link.
  • Please message on our WhatsApp: 9128523662

Thank you.

Just to be clear, from 2018 (when WritingLaw started) to August 2021, no one paid for these messages. It was truly free for all. We didn’t charge anything for these. Even from August 2021 onwards, you get the law WhatsApp messages ONLY in the following situations:

  • Free for 1 month: If you buy the Law PDFs.
  • Free for 13 months: If you buy the Law MCQ Tests.
  • For 3 months: By paying Rs 95
  • For 13 months: By paying Rs 365

(18th October 2021, Monday)

If you are not receiving or someday stop receiving the daily law messages on WhatsApp, here are the reasons for this. Please read this carefully till the end.

For the last 3.5 years, up to August 2021, WritingLaw’s daily law messages were free for all. It did not matter whether you bought the law PDFs, MCQ Tests, or bought nothing. It was truly free for all.

Even if you bought the Law PDFs and a few old MCQ Tests, you did not pay for the daily law message. These were complimentary for everyone – irrespective of they have bought something from WritingLaw or not.

Now that’s not the case. From September 2021, you can only receive daily law messages on WhatsApp if you buy/have bought all the MCQ Tests (Rs 1325) or buy the daily message subscription (Re 1 per day).

11 Reasons For Not Receiving Daily Law Messages

You may not receive the daily law messages due to any of the following reasons. Please read carefully till the end before messaging again on WhatsApp.

  1. You have not paid and subscribed to law messages. You can do that here. (most common)
  2. It’s Sunday.
  3. It’s a public holiday.
  4. You have not saved WritingLaw’s WhatsApp number to your phone. (most common)
  5. Your WhatsApp application is not updated. You may update from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  6. You messaged the word STOP.
  7. You did not read the automatic welcome message and sent multiple small messages repeatedly instead of one long message. (punishment)
  8. You edited or removed WritingLaw’s logo or name from the law quote and law news images. And when messaged to fix it, you did not reply. Or, you do this repeatedly. So now you are removed from getting the daily messages. (punishment)
  9. You misbehaved in WhatsApp direct message. (permanently removed forever)
  10. You misused WritingLaw’s PDFs or Tests. (permanently removed forever)
  11. There may be other reasons that are not mentioned here.


In addition to WhatsApp, make sure you connect on these platforms too.

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