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Here are the links for daily law content that I send to law students, advocates, and senior members of the legal fraternity connected with WritingLaw on WhatsApp.

41 thoughts on “Daily Law Content”

  1. In my view, you’re doing a wonderful job. It’s helping me as a student who need much legal information to attain that knowledge to be attentive in class and be successful.

    Please post legal maxims too along with the quotes of famous personalities.

  2. Your contribution has been immense and is very helpful for the existing and also the aspiring law professionals.

    Very first time when I purchased your material, it was really great materials which was helpful in preparing, covering all the topics and efforts in referring to multiple materials minimised.

    Also your mocks tests, questions are great source to test one’s own knowledge and improvise day by day. Thank you very much and wish you all the best.

    1. Thank you very much for taking the time to convey such nice, thoughtful words. It helps me work harder and create more content. Thank You. πŸ™

  3. These daily law notes are so helpful for me and the best part is that it is frequent, easy to understand and precise.

      1. Complimenting all the work you did while making these notes. It’s quite easy for us to cover one topic daily (in very understandable language). So big thanks to you sir.

  4. Adv Chamandeep Kaur

    Amazing yr superb notes. With the help of these types of notes, we will make our notes for judicial exams. Thank u so muchπŸ™

  5. Thank you sir. The notes are so helpful. Everyday i read one. Please give a note on making of constitution of India and also some sample judgement on criminal case.

    1. Glad you like the law notes Doreena. I will try to write on making of Constitution. And you can find some judgement writing tips and a sample here.

  6. Your law notes are very useful and informative for competitive exams.. Beside this m also thankful for your concern that no one should be left without study because of lack of notes ,bare acts or study material..keep it up

  7. The notes are superb….best material to gain knowledge and success….
    If possible, please provide 1 latest case twice a week.

  8. Every content of each area selected is very important according to exam concern such a great help for every aspirant. TysmπŸ™πŸ™πŸ€˜

  9. WL is so far providing the best content for law examinations. I hope you keep coming up with more information as well as material like that.

  10. That’s a good INITIATIVE Sir….as such also your law notes are excellent…
    Looking forward something for mains also….

    Keep going…

  11. Please begin a daily subjective question answer series, just like the law content. Or can change into question answer form. This will prepare students better for mains and for prelims, the MCQ test is good. πŸ™‚

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