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Payment Successful

Thank you for completing the payment successfully. The last important step still remains – receiving the law study material.

To get everything,

  1. Please save WritingLaw’s WhatsApp number to your phone: 9128523662
  2. Then, on WhatsApp, exactly type and send PAID.

Saving the number to your phone is compulsory. Else, I can not send you the Law PDFs or the login details to take the MCQ Tests.

Note: In the next 12 months if you change your WhatsApp number, please inform me without fail.

Note: If you bought the PDFs and Tests late at night, please send PAID message on WhatsApp. I will reply in the morning. Rest assured, there is nothing to worry. 😊

This is WritingLaw’s professional and official WhatsApp. For your privacy and safety, we do not have any WhatsApp groups or anything similar. Rest assured. You will receive all the PDFs and instructions via direct WhatsApp message.

Question: What happens if you do not save WritingLaw’s WhatsApp number to your phone?

Answer: If you do not save WritingLaw’s WhatsApp number to your phone then even if I send you the update message to take the MCQ tests, they won’t be delivered to you. This rule (for broadcast feature) is set by WhatsApp, not me.

WritingLaw WhatsApp: 9128523662

In the rarest of the rare case, if you do not use WhatsApp, please message using WhatsApp of a family member. Or, please email on the following address: