25th July, 2021

Dearest reader,
Thank you for being the reason and source of motivation for the last 40 months. I am sure you will continue to do the same. Thank you.


This is to inform you that after 1 to 3 days, you will get no direct complimentary WhatsApp message for reading daily law content (law note, article, etc.) or law news. You may still get occasional important law images or quotes. But nothing else.

Just to be crystal clear: These daily law messages were free for all. Whether you bought nothing, bought just the Law PDFs, or bought both the Law PDFs and MCQ Tests, these daily messages were not part of any payment. Thus, they were/are nowhere mentioned on the Law Study Material page. I was sending them on a complimentary basis for years. Now, that has stopped.


WritingLaw’s WhatsApp is exceeding its capacity. Several people do not receive the message, and it is very time consuming for me with little benefits.


Let me be honest and straightforward.

I do not run any third-party Google or other such ads on WritingLaw.

The only source of income for WritingLaw is the Law Study Material (Law PDFs and MCQ Tests). The monthly Amazon affiliate amount is hardly a few hundred rupees, and donation (except this April) is also hardly a few hundred rupees (some months even zero).

Now, my only motive to send you the daily law message and news is to convince you to buy the Law PDFs and MCQ Tests. But that hardly happens. 95% of income is from new website visitors.

My Current Situation

Currently, it takes 1+ hours in the morning and 1+ hours in the evening to send customised law messages to all WhatsApp subscribers.

These 2 hours have little benefit. So, after all these months, I have to stop this. I can use these 2 hours to create more content and make more law posts. Please help me do that.

What Next?

Over these last 3 years, I have received hundreds of messages saying ‘I love these daily law messages‘. So, if you would like to continue getting the daily law news, law words, quotes, facts, (but almost no law note or article) please continue seeing WritingLaw’s WhatsApp Stories and follow on other platforms.

Important Note: These social media platforms are heavily focused on your behavioural algorithms. For example, out of WritingLaw’s 870 Instagram followers, only about 100 people get the daily law word post on their Instagram feed.

Thus, despite following us on Instagram, you may not see the posts unless you like, comment and engage actively, to let Instagram know that you love WritingLaw’s content. So do that. Or, make sure you follow on all platforms. This way, you will see the post on one or the other platform.

Search for WritingLaw on these apps. On Telegram, search for WLdaily. Or, use the links below.

Continue Everything Exactly Like Before

If you would like to continue everything the way it was. That is, if you would like to get the morning law message with law note or article, the law quotes, law words, law news, and everything else with zero ads, then please buy all the Law PDFs and MCQ Tests (Rs 1325).

Once you buy both, I have nothing else left to sell to you. So, you get no ads in WhatsApp messages, and you get the daily law messages on a complimentary basis.

Plus, your money supports me, the authors, and the high website expenses. And you obviously get all the excellent Law PDFs and the wonderful, clean MCQ Tests.

Thank you for everything.

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