Let me get straight to the point.

Earlier I thought to introduce a small payment system to remove unnecessary, inactive, uninterested accounts from WritingLaw’s WhatsApp. But then I decided to ask you to follow a few simple steps. This will help me know if you are an active subscriber or not.

Why I am doing this:

  • To get rid of inactive contacts.
  • To remove uninterested people.
  • The number of subscribers exceeded the limit set by WhatsApp. Thus everyone was not getting the messages. Now, after removing inactive contacts, the subscriber list will become small. This will ensure that everyone who is genuinely interested will start getting the messages.

What you have to do to keep getting the messages:

You have to reply with your name in 100% correct format on WritingLaw’s WhatsApp. If you do not do that, you will stop receiving all the daily law messages and law news sent via direct WhatsApp message. You may continue to see WhatsApp Stories.

Extremely Important Rules:

1. The format of your name should be correct. The first words are capital and all other small. For example, it should be:

Rakesh Kumar Singh

It should not be in the wrong format. Examples of the wrong format:

Rakesh kumar singh (X)
rakesh Kumar singh (X)
rakesh kumar singh (X)

If you send your name in the wrong format, it won’t be counted.

2. Do not send anything else with your name. It should only be your name. Nothing else.

No Hi, Hello, Name, Sir, Thank You, or anything with your name. (X)

For example, it should be:

Rakesh Kumar Singh

Do not write it as:
Name: Rakesh Kumar Singh (X)
Sir, my name is Rakesh Kumar Singh (X)
Hi, I am Rakesh Kumar Singh (X)

These are wrong ways, and if you send it like this, it won’t be counted.

3. Make sure you save WritingLaw’s number to your phone as WritingLaw. Do not save it as Law Notes, Writing Law, Law, Ankur, Bare Acts, etc. Just save it as WritingLaw.

Now, open WhatsApp and message me your name in the correct format.

If you did not read the above message or did not understand what is written above, please do not message on WhatsApp. 🙂

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Everywhere, the username is WritingLaw. So, if the above links do not work for you, search WritingLaw inside these apps.

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