Law Study Material Giveaway

Important: Please do not message on WritingLaw’s WhatsApp regarding this giveaway. All instructions are already extremely clear below. 🙂
Welcome to the giveaway!


Last Day:

  • You can enter by 9th January 2022. Winners will be selected in the second week of January 2022.
  • Update 9th January 2022: Entries are closed now.

What Will WritingLaw Get From This:

  • We will get people like you on our social platforms. Nothing else.

What Will You Get From This:

  • Law Study Material prizes.
  • Get to read law content like law news, law quotes and more daily on our social platforms.

What You Can Win:

  • 10 people will get Daily Law Messages for 3 months.
  • 5 people will get Daily Law Messages for 13 months.
  • 5 people will get Law Study Material PDFs.
  • Mega Prize: 1 person will get all Law MCQ Tests + Law Study Material PDFs + Daily Law Messages for 13 months.

What To Do To Win:

  1. WritingLaw is on 6 social platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, LinkedIn, and Telegram. You must follow WritingLaw on at least 3 social platforms to be eligible to win.
  2. After following on at least 3 platforms, please fill the form that’s below these instructions.

How To Follow:

  • If you are already following, just fill the form below. But double-check to ensure you are following on at least 3 places.
  • If, after being selected to be a possible winner, it’s found that you aren’t following at 3 platforms, you will be disqualified and I will select a new winner. You will not be allowed to follow after winners are announced.
  • Here is the platform name with the link. Simply click on the link. If the link does not open in that app on your phone, you can search for us in the respective app using our username.
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Winners Selection:

  • All winners will be selected randomly by using Google’s random name picker. I (Ankur) won’t manually pick the winners.

What If I Win:

  • I (Ankur) – WritingLaw’s founder, will contact you on WhatsApp and then send you the Law Study Material after verifying that you are indeed following WritingLaw on at least three platforms.

What If I Don’t Win:

  • We will run more such monthly giveaways. If you don’t win this time, you may the next time, as everyone who continues following us on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Reddit, and Telegram are automatically eligible to win future giveaways.