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These tests are helpful and important for Judiciary, CLAT, AIBE, college exams, and all legal competitive exams.
Mixed exam-like tests give you a taste of the actual exam.
Subject-wise tests help you master that subject to perfection.
You can take these tests whenever you are comfortable – day, night, anytime.
You can also retake the tests multiple times.
Along with the tests, you also get the test PDFs. These PDFs have the same test questions with their correct answers.
The best part: These tests do not require constant internet. You only need to load the test page once like any normal webpage. After that, you can take the tests, see your score, and check all the correct answers without needing the internet. This means you can take these tests without getting disturbed by WhatsApp or other app notifications. Amazing, isn’t it!

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MCQ Tests

If you have already paid, please use your login details to take or retake the tests. Each test has 100 important questions. Time for each test = 90 minutes. All the best. Do well.

Exam-like MCQ Tests
» 1st Law MCQ Test
» 2nd Law MCQ Test
» 3rd Law MCQ Test
» 4th Law MCQ Test
» 5th Law MCQ Test
» 6th Law MCQ Test
» 7th Law MCQ Test
» 8th Law MCQ Test
» 9th Law MCQ Test
» 10th Law MCQ Test
Most Important Subject-wise MCQ Tests
» Constitution of India, Test 1
» Constitution of India, Test 2
» Indian Penal Code, Test 1
» Indian Penal Code, Test 2
» Criminal Procedure Code, Test 1
» Criminal Procedure Code, Test 2
» Civil Procedure Code, Test 1
» Civil Procedure Code, Test 2
» Indian Evidence Act, Test 1
» Indian Evidence Act, Test 2
Important Subject-wise MCQ Tests
» Arbitration and Conciliation Act
» Hindu Laws
» Indian Contract Act
» Indian Partnership Act
» Jurisprudence
» Law of Torts
» Limitation Act
» Muslim Law
» Negotiable Instruments Act
» Registration Act
» Sale of Goods Act
» Specific Relief Act
» Transfer of Property Act

100 notes on 100 important topics + 53 full bare acts + 300 short q&a + 121 legal maxims + list of important sections of 10 essential bare acts + explanation of 7 important recent amendments.


30 online tests of 100 MCQs each + PDFs of these test questions and their correct answers.


In Rs 1325, you get all the Law PDFs and all the Law MCQ Tests. Separately both cost Rs 1890. But when you buy together, there is a discount of ₹565.

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